This is the Unibinder 8.2 series one. It is a GENUINE Unibind product and was until recently being sold by Prime Grafix for $1,595.  Binding capacity is 340 pages and crimping capacity is 120 pages.

An external crimper to crimp up to 340 pages is avaliable from Unibind Belgium or England for 81 euro (aprox. $117).

Follow this link if you would like to purchase the Unicrimper from Unibind Belgium office (not supplied in Australia)   


At $1,295  our Unibinder represents much better value than the Unibinder 8.2 upgrade retailing at $1,795 (particularly if you don't often bind more than 120 pages). It is also more robust  and has a larger binding capacity than the

Unibinder 8.1. 


For even better value....have a look at our special offers page where you can get the Unibinder 8.2 for as low as $995.


The Unicrimper can be used in conjunction with the XU138, XU238 or XU338 to give the same result as Unibinder 8.1 or 8.2

If you currently own an XU series Unibind binder there is no need to change over to a Unibinder 8.1 or 8.2 to crimp.