Steel Crystal and Steel Matt. Genuine or Compatible


Steel Crystal Binding Covers have crystal clear front and back covers with a strong steel U-channel spine wrapped in a coloured leatherette material. Designed specifically for use in all Unibind and TB binding machines.

Unibind has now ceased production of Steel Crystal and Steel Matt binding covers.

They have replaced them with Unicover Flex. These covers have a clear plastic on one side and a matt plastic on the other.


Unfortunately they have changed  the sizes also. The new sizes have created an enormous gap for small document users. The 3mm is missing (our biggest seller). You now have to choose between Unicover Flex 15 and Unicover Flex 40. So if you want to bind 16 pages you will need to use the UnicoverFlex 40 which will leave an unsightly gap big enough to fit 24 pages.....that's a 3mm gap in a 5mm cover!!


We sell the Unibind binding systems based on their professional presentation and ease of use. If you want to continue with this professional presentation then you can use the Compatible Steel Crystal or Compatible Steel Matt.  We also still have Genuine Unibind Steel Crystal and Steel Matt stock, if you would prefer, but they are a lot more expensive. The compatible covers work just like the genuine ones. You will find it difficult to tell any difference.

Compatible Steel Crystal has been manufactured since 1997 and sold widely overseas but has only recently become available to the Australian market. We guarantee you will be completely satisfied with the Compatible Steel Crystal binding covers. So save your money and try the're bound to be impressed!!! MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!


Suggested sizes for Compatible covers to replace Unicover Flex if you have a crimping machine


                          1mm           1-10p   

                          5mm           10-40p 

                          9mm           40-75p 

                          12mm         75-100p 

                          15mm         100-130p 

                          18mm         130-160p 

                          24mm         160-220p   

                          36mm         220-340p