Spine size                Box Qty                  GST inc


1mm            1-10p             100              $174.00

3mm            10-25p           100              $179.00

5mm            25-40p           100              $184.00

7mm            40-55p           100              $189.00

9mm            55-75p           75                $156.00

12mm          75-100p         75                $169.50

15mm          100-130p       50                $129.00

18mm          130-160p       50                $134.00

21mm          160-190p       50                $139.00

24mm          190-220p       50                $142.00

30mm          220-280p       25                $78.00

36mm          280-340p       25                $85.00

Satisfaction Guaranteed!!

We guarantee you will be completely satisfied with the Compatible Steel Crystal binding covers.

So save your money and try the compatible......you're bound to be impressed!!!


  Steel Crystal or Unicover Flex?? You still have a choice 

Unibind has now ceased production of Steel Crystal and Steel Matt covers and are suplying Unicover Flex as an alternative. Unfortunately they have changed  the sizes also. The new sizes have created an enormous gap for small document users. The 3mm (10-25 pages) is missing (our biggest seller). You now have to choose between Unicover Flex 15 (pages) and Unicover Flex 40 (pages). So if you want to bind 16 pages you will need to use the Unicover Flex 40 which will leave an unsightly gap big enough to fit 24 pages.....thats a 3mm gap in a 5mm spine!! Also the new spine is a lot deeper to facilitate crimping but results in more lost page margin. Your alternative is to use Compatible Steel Crystal.  

We have been selling Compatible Steel Crystal and Steel Matt since May 2015 and have not had one single complaint!

The Compatible covers work just like the Genuine covers. Most people cant even tell the difference.

The bottom line is that by using compatible covers you save money without sacrificing quality. 

Payment methods  Paypal, Credit Card or on invoice. Your first order automatically opens an account.

Recomended sizes for Unibinders with crimping


                                                  1mm           1-10p   

                                                  5mm           10-40p 

                                                  9mm           40-75p 

                                                  12mm         75-100p 

                                                  15mm         100-130p 

                                                  18mm         130-160p 

                                                  24mm         160-220p   

                                                  36mm         220-340p     


               Steel Crystal (clear both sides) or Steel Matt (frosted both sides)

            Compatible covers for use in all Unibind binders. 

Unique binding is Australia's largest and most trusted independent supplier of Unibind products. Genuine and Compatible covers and machines

        at below recommended retail prices


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