Unibind XU Series and TB Series binders


All the below binders have the same functions and features and can use the Unibind Compatible covers. Simply place your document into the heating compartment. Once the heating cycle is complete your document is done.                                       Allow to cool before using. Presentation perfect.

Unibind XU138

The Unibind XU 138 is the perfect binding system for small offices or individuals who want to create professional-looking documents or books. The XU 138 has one heating compartment and one cooling compartment and can bind up to 8 documents at once.

Please contact to check availability. 


This is not a Unibind product but has similar features to the Unibind XU138. Binds up to 8 small documents or one document up to 340 pages with one heating bay and one cooling bay. Suitable for light office use. 12 month warranty.


Unibinder 8.1

Binds and Automatically Crimps up to a 120 page document or can multiple bind up to 4 smaller documents.

These are refurbished machines that have seen little use


Unibind Book creator

A smaller more affordable binder

Binds up to 120 pages or 4 smaller documents